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Surface Water Quality
Water Security Agency Surface Water Quality Program

Government of Saskatchewan’s strategic plans include the commitment to ensure the health of water resources, including sustainment of water quality and ecosystem function. Specific goals within the 25 Year Water Security Strategy (WSA 2012) include the protection of water resources, defining of water quality objectives for priority watercourses (Goal 3), and ensuring that adequate water quality information is available to support decision making (Goal 6). Currently the Water Security Agency (WSA) undertakes surface water quality monitoring including long-term monitoring, inter-jurisdictional/mandated monitoring, and short-term project-specific monitoring. While WSA anticipates publishing surface water quality data and information of all prioritized programs and projects in the future, current information includes data from the long-term monitoring at 24 Primary Stations of major rivers in southern Saskatchewan.

Link to 25 Year Water Security Strategy
Saskatchewan Surface Water Quality Objectives

Water quality objectives are developed to provide basic scientific information about the effects of water quality variables on potential water uses such as recreation, agriculture, industrial and municipal water supplies, and aquatic life. The Surface Water Quality Objectives are numerical concentrations or narrative statements that are intended to serve as a guide for issuing permits, licenses and orders, and as a means of supporting and maintaining designated water uses in Saskatchewan. Follow the link below for more information on Saskatchewan Surface Water Quality Objectives.

Link to Saskatchewan Surface Water Quality Objectives