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Approved Analytical Methodologies
Water Security Agency has approved the Standard Method 2320 B for Bicarbonate and Carbonate Concentration determination for Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant Laboratory. Copy of the approved method is referenced in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water & Wastewater, 21st Edition, 2005. Alternatively, Water Security Agency may be contacted for a copy.

Drinking Water: Testing Privately Owned Systems
Drinking water can be tested by the Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory (formerly called the Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory) in Regina.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has information on the importance of water quality monitoring and how rural residents can get their water tested.

Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory (formerly called Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory - Saskatchewan Health Authority)
The laboratory performs a wide range of chemical, bacteriological and physical tests on water. The cost varies depending upon the type and number of tests being performed. If you require water tested for total coliform bacterial and nitrate, you must use a special sterilized bottle available from both RM and public health offices throughout the province.

The Analytical Laboratories provides analytical testing of domestic drinking water from ground and surface water sources to measure levels of bacteria, nitrates, minerals and heavy metals.

Accredited laboratories in Saskatchewan.

Information on drinking water and wastewater sample submission.

Quick Fact: Approximately 60% of Canada's fresh water drains north.