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Saskatchewan Acts and Regulations specific to ‘water’:

Agricultural Operations Act
Provides a legislative framework, which balances environmental and social responsibilities with the realities of agricultural production.  The Intensive Livestock Provisions of The Agricultural Operations Act are designed to provide water protection through the proper storage and management of manure and dead animals.

Conservation and Development Act
Establishes conservation and development boards and conservation and development areas within the province.  The Act details the administration processes to be followed by the Boards and creates authority to act within the conservation and development areas.

Environmental Assessment Act
Provides a mechanism for requiring and undertaking impact assessment and evaluation. Ministerial approval is required before a proponent may proceed with a development, and terms and conditions may be imposed on the approval to mitigate impacts.

Environmental Management and Protection Act (EMPA)
Protects the air, land and water resources of the province through regulating and controlling potentially harmful activities and substances.
The Waterworks and Sewage Works Regulations under this Act have a number of  guidelines that accompany the regulations. 

Fisheries Act
Enables sustainable management of fisheries resources by affirming provincial ownership of fish, creating a provincial licensing system, and regulating allocation of fish resources, fish marketing, aquaculture, sport fishing and commercial fishing.

The Ground Water Regulations
Formerly under The Ground Water Conservation Act which was repealed by The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Act, 2005 (S-35.03). Provides for the conservation and protection of ground water resources and establishes the reporting requirements of commercially operated drillers in the province.  Provides the right to collect water well drilling information and to take actions to protect the ground water supply.

Irrigation Act
Provides uniform legislation for all provincial irrigators while ensuring the economic and environmental sustainability of lands and infrastructure.  The Act either exempts or requires each irrigated parcel to have an Irrigation Certificate attesting to the suitability of the soil and water for long term sustainable irrigation.

Meewasin Valley Authority Act

Natural Resources Act
Establishes the province's mandate to manage, protect, conserve and develop renewable resources in a sustainable manner

Pipelines Act

Provincial Lands Act
Creates authority for the management and transfer of Crown lands

Public Health Act

Saskatchewan Water Corporation Act

The Water Security Act
Establishes province’s mandate to protect ambient water supplies for both quality and quantity concerns for all surface and groundwater sources in the province.  Allows for the management and control of provincially owned water control structures such as dams and weirs.  The Act provides the mandate to manage, administer, develop and conserve water resources, watersheds and related land resources in the province.

The Cities Act
On January 1, 2003, The Cities Act came into effect and all Saskatchewan cities have passed resolutions to come under the new Act's jurisdiction except for Lloydminster which operates under a separate charter approved by both Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The Municipalities Act
An Act respecting Rural municipalities, Towns, Villages and Resort Villages and making consequential amendments to other Acts.

Wakamow Valley Authority Act

Wascana Centre Act

Water Appeal Board Act
Establishes the Water Appeal Board and enables the board to hear appeals regarding water, sewage and drainage issues.

Water Power Act
Creates authority for all administration and control rights over the generation of electrical power from water resources.

Watersheds Association Act
Establishes Watershed Association Boards within the province and details the administration processes to be followed and creates authority to act within the watersheds.

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